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☆ INTERVIEW ♡ Tavuchi of Spank!☆

Recently I was able to interview Tavuchi, the mastermind behind Spank! and the godmother of fairy kei fashion! She is known by fashion fans around the world, and has even designed costumes for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
She runs a famous resale & remake store in Nakano Broadway called Spank!, which boasts a unique, 80's aesthetic. She has been running it for over 10 years, and it is thanks to Spank! that fairy kei was born.

I asked her fans for their questions on my blog, Fairy-Tips, before translating them into Japanese and sending them to Tavuchi for her to answer personally. There are tons of interesting questions on a variety of topics, so be sure to read the whole thing!

Tavuchi was a joy to work with, and I hope we can work together again in the future (*´▽`*)

♡         ♡         ♡


☆What kind of music do you like?
♥Answer:I love all 80s music❣ Recently I’ve been loving Toxic Lipstick, Rauberhohle, Le Tigre, The Bobbyteens, Gravy Train!!!!, and Electrocute♡

What are your favourite 80s anime/TV shows?
♥Answer:Tokimeki Tonight, Urusei Yatsura, Fullhouse

Jem and the Holograms vs The Misfits: Which is your favourite between them?
♥Answer:Hard!!! (◎_◎;) I can’t pick a favourite
What do you think of Vaporwave? The east Asian influences and 80s/90s stylings have always inspired me for fairy kei!
♥Answer:I think it’s very interesting❣ However, It’s a little bit complicated and complex for me ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Anyway the way foreigners use random Japanese is cool❣
Who is your favourite 80s idol?
♥Answer:Hmmmmm, this is hard‥‥Probably Onyanko Club. I also like Wink!
Onyanko Club

♡         ♡         ♡

Your Favourite...

If you had to choose between The Popples and the Care Bears, which would you choose!?
♥Answer:Baby Popples!
Who is your favourite anime character?
♥Answer:Creamy Mami
Creamy Mami

Who is your favourite mascot character?
♥Answer:I like Gunma prefectures “Gunma-chan”


What kind of manga do you like? Do you have any recommendations?
♥Answer:I like 80's manga. I recommend “Urusai Yatsura”. There was also an old magazine called “Pyon Pyon” which ran from 1988-1992, the manga serialised in it were very funny! Nowadays it’s hard to find the comic books as they’ve become very rare.
Pyon Pyon
What is your favourite colour combination?
♥Answer:Mint green x pink

What is your favourite item of clothing that you own?
♥Answer:My fancy pastel colour sweater.

What is your favourite toy from the 1980’s?
♥Answer:Herpit (ハーピット)
F55e9df3 - s.jpg - Innovation of the Showa Era Girls LSI game world! "Petit · Harpit" (1984): Yuka Shimon (Showa Gurley Cultural Institute) Official Blog (1773751)

♡         ♡         ♡


☆Can I ask for some fashion advice? How do you mix up your Spank! coordinates ? Recently I’ve been feeling like mine always look the same... 💞
♥Answer:I think it’s good to stick within 3 main colours♡ Once you’ve picked 3 colours, you can pick the styling - I think it’d be good to challenge a different style to usual, such as a sporty or rock coord ♡

☆I want to start my own brand! Do you have any advice?
♥Answer:I think it’s boring to get fashion inspiration from fashion☆ミ
It’s best to get inspiration from your favourite things, such as music, TV shows, toys… It’s important to express your own feelings through your brand♡

☆What do you think of overseas kawaii fans? Do you think there is a difference between the vision of Japanese and overseas Spank! fans?
♥Answer:I don’t think there is any difference❣ 

☆Recently certain fancy sweaters have been inflated to a very high price. What do you think of this?
♥Answer:It’s sad (´;ω;`)
I wish it was easier for people to enjoy fashion!

☆What do you think of kawaii boys?
♥Answer:I think they’re amazing❣

☆In my country nobody wears cute fashion, and I’m scared I’ll be looked at or teased. Do you have any advice?
♥Answer:I don’t think people will be mean. But it’s much cooler to stand proud than be timid❣ If someone says something nasty, then think to yourself “I’m much more dignified and stylish than a normal person. Hooray!” and be proud that you have an original personality, since that’s a wonderful thing!

☆Have you heard of Uchuu kei?
♥Answer:I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of it(´;Д;`)

☆What do you think of overseas kawaii brands? (
♥Answer:It’s the first time I’ve seen them! I think that kawaii is becoming more common worldwide ♡

☆Do you think more Plus Size shops will open in Harajuku/Tokyo?
♥Answer:I wouldn’t be surprised if PUNYUS opened up a store in Harajuku♡

♡         ♡         ♡

About Tavuchi:

☆Congratulations on becoming a mother! What is your baby like?
♥Answer:Thank you very much❣ He is veeeeery cute〜〜❣♡

☆Who do you you look up to for fashion inspiration?
♥Answer:Michelle from Fullhouse♡

☆What are your style keywords?
♥Answer:Dasakawaii (Dasai&Kawaii. Tavuchi’s translation for this was “FrumpyCrappyTacky+Cute”)

☆I love Spank! Aside from Spank!, are there any other styles you’re into?
♥Answer:Thank you very much❣ I love the style of Southpaw, a vintage clothing shop in Koenji

☆What is your favourite part of the “Kawaii Community”?
♥Answer:The way everyone wants to be friends♡

☆What do you think will happen to Spank! and fairy kei in the future?
♥Answer:I think there will be even more sub-styles❣

♡         ♡         ♡

About Spank!

☆Do you have any advice for remaking clothing?
♥Answer:Think about “The clothing you want” (自分が欲しい服) while creating them❣

☆When designing items and accessories for Spank!, where get inspiration from? I’d love to visit Spank! one day!
♥Answer:Thank you❣ I have been creating things every day forover 10 years now. I am often asked where to find an “afflatus” but honestly, I don’t have an answer, coz making clothing and accessories everyday is just normal thing for me. It’s my life♡

☆Will you ever start shipping overseas? Or perhaps open a  shop overseas? You have lots of fans in England!♡
♥Answer:I’d like to in the future♡

☆While designing items for Spank!, do you look to 80s anime, toys, and music for inspiration?
♥Answer:I think I do♡!I think even the fine details like the colours, wording, and font, are all affected by them☆ミ

☆Does Spank! have a main colour palette? How would you coord those colours?
♥Answer:We use lots of colours♡
Within them, the most popular are pink, neon pink, mint green, light blue, and lavender.
I like to use lots of pastel coloured polkadots♡

☆Were you surprised at how popular Spank! became?
♥Answer:I was surprised, but that was my goal so I was very happy♡

☆What is the must-have item for a Spank!Girl? (this is a name for Spank! staff & fans)
♥Answer:A chemical denim jacket, and a polka dot skirt

☆I love how unique and cute Spank! style is!💖 When you’re creating a new design, do you look to the current trends? Or is it better to ignore them?
♥Answer:I think about them a little bit.
For example, oversize is popular at the moment so I have been making items in larger sizes.

☆I remember you came to LA for the Sweet Streets Show! Will you return to America or go overseas for another event?
♥Answer:Thank you very much❣ I will go if there is an opportunity❣

☆I really look up to Spank! My illustrations are all really influenced by you! My question is, will you ever come to America? Or open up a shop here?
♥Answer:Thank you! Again, if there is a good chance then… perhaps!!

☆What do you think will happen to Harajuku fashion in the future? FRUiTS and KERA have stopped publishing, and there are more mainstream brands opening up. What do you think will happen to Spank!, fairy kei, and other subcul trends?
♥Answer:It is sad, but I don’t see much Harajuku fashion in Harajuku. However, I think it has spread to other towns such as Koenji and Nakano.
I think mass-produced fashion and subcul fashion will become clearly divided.
I also think fairy fashion will be divided, and more sub-styles will be born from that.

♡         ♡         ♡

Thank you to everyone for your questions! All of the items in todays header image are from the Spank! webshop~

You can support Spank! and Tavuchi by checking out their shop and social media:


I will be announcing another interview soon, so please keep your eyes out for it!

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