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Translation: (1/2) IKU-Chan Guides Us! Harajuku’s “Yumekawaii” World

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YUME = Dream
Yumekawaii = literally Dreamy Cute.

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💜 IKU-Chan Guides Us! Harajuku’s “Yumekawaii” World 💜

Harajuku is known around the world as the birthplace of KAWAII. We’re interviewing IKU-chan, the charismatic owner of the fairy & cute hair salon, Candye Syrup. He will be introducing his favourite items from yumekawaii Harajuku brand NILE PERCH!

▽First, watch the interview video! (T/N: NO SUBTITLES But I recommend watching anyway~)

IKU-chan will introduce his favourite Harajuku shop in the second half of the article!

\Harajuku’s “Yumekawaii” World/
  1. Hairsalon “Candye Syrup” charisma owner, IKU-chan interview
  2. IKU-chan’s favourite Harajuku store for over 10 years, NILE PERCH
1.Straight from IKU-chan……「Recently, Harajuku has become lonely and full of adults」

Today we’ll be told all about Harajuku, straight from the popular beauty salon owner, IKU-chan of Candye Syrup. To meet him, we visited his store.

“Candye Syrup” is a 5 minute walk from Harajuku Station. If you pass through Takeshita Street and enter the backstreets, you’ll find the salon. We were so excited to step through the salon doors…!

The store has a pink, light blue, and purple colour scheme. We’ve never seen a salon like this before! There’s so much KAWAII concentrated into one space.
\This is IKU-chan of Candye Syrup/

Pink x purple hair, sparkling makeup, and pastel fairy fashion. This is IKU, the owner of Candye Syrup. You can easily see how much he loves “KAWAII”!

IKU-chan: "Candye Syrup" owner and stylist.
Gained attention through his appearances on "Getsuyou Kara Yofukasi" and "Matsuko Kaigi" (both NipponTV). He is also the producer of the loud-kei idol group "Candye Syrup" and owns a select shop in Shimokitazawa.

The receptionist and staff also have individual looks and flashy hair colours.

「I dreamed of opening a store in Harajuku 20 years ago」
Without further ado, let’s hear what IKU-chan has to say about Harajuku!

 −−First, IKU-chan, can you tell us about your hair salon, Candye Syrup?
“I’ve filled the store with my favourite ‘yumekawaii worldview’. It’s been around two years since I opened my store in Harajuku. I dreamed of opening a store here for 20 years.”
In Candye Syrup, even the closets are pink..!
−−Why do you admire Harajuku?
“Harajuku is an ideal place for hairdressers, but I knew if I became a hairdresser I definitely wanted to open up a salon in Harajuku. After all, Harajuku is overflowing with kawaii things, and whether you look overseas or within Japan, Harajuku is the like the holy land of fashion. I was charmed by that kind of place.”

Before the interview, IKU-chan told us “I feel uncomfortable unless I’m holding something…!” and grabbed this rabbit plushie to hug.
「Recently, Harajuku has been a little bit down...」

−−So, what is your favourite thing about Harajuku?
"It’s got to be the fashion…! Personally I love pastel and fairy styles, so it excites me that I can express myself through wearing my favourite things!"

−−I see!
"However, over the past few years Harajuku fashion has become a little more adult-like, which is a bit lonely. It went from primary colours to pastel & fairy, and the style has been changing throughout the generations. However, I feel like the “Shaking” feeling from the 2000s is growing weaker. In the past, I would have blended into the city wearing this kind of thing, but as the surroundings are becoming more mature, even I’ve begun to stand out. KAWAII fashion isn’t viewed as “Unusual” just by foreigners anymore - getting targeted by Japanese photographers has become a daily thing."

While IKU-chan may look this cute, when it comes to romance he likes women. “People often assume…” he says, laughing. 
An idol producer, sending flashy hair and KAWAII to the world!

−−IKU-chan, we hear you’re also producing an idol group with the same name as your salon?
"The girls all have flashy hair, the music is loud and fierce, and it incorporates screaming genres. It’d be nice if we could share our flashy hair with the world through their idol activities."
−− What are the benefits of flashy hair……?
"I think having flashy hair is fun for those who have it, as well as those who are looking on"
 \「Candye Syrup」Original Treatment/

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In「Candye Syrup」aside from treatment, you can buy accessories and sundries!
Part two (Nile Perch tour) coming soon... 
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