Thursday, 20 April 2017

☆Boyish Fairy Kei Pt1: Basics☆

Boystyle fairy kei is becoming increasingly popular! Despite originating overseas, Japanese brands are releasing boyish items and there are more kawaii guys on the scene than ever, in and outside of Japan.

Today I’m going to post the first out of three Boyish Fairy kei articles; Basics, How To: Boyish Fairy Kei Hair, and Where To Find Boyish Items.

There are two styles of boyish fairy kei. One focuses on a more dreamy side with mostly cute aesthetics, while the other focuses on a more “masculine” and cool appearance. I will go into detail about both in this article!

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NOTE: when I say masculine in this article, I’m going by the stereotypical definition!

Cute Type:
This type of boystyle focuses on a more soft and dreamy look, focusing on a fluffy feeling. It often involves cute printed items, pumpkin pants, and oversized sweaters. A fluffy hairdo with a cute accessory is a must-have! You don’t have to have a boyish look to wear this either as it looks adorable on everyone~

This style basically fairy kei with the tutu/skirt swapped for a pair of voluminous shorts or pants, making it ideal for people who don’t feel comfortable in skirts. Baggy jeans, pumpkin pants, or dungarees are adorable, and the oversized look makes you look more 2.5D (article coming soon). Add a pair of pastel sneakers for a sporty 80's vibe!

This coords uses a baggy top to balance the silhouette~

Don't be afraid to mix and match motifs!
These baggy remake jeans are perfect for boystyle!

It's easy to DIY your own cute hat~

Source (I think)
These frilly tired shorts are adorable and add to the layering!

 Cool Type:
As mentioned earlier, this type of boystyle focuses more on cool-cute! A short layered haircut is a staple, and oversized items add to the boyish silhouette. It uses slightly less accessories than the cute-type, but don’t forget to use one or two!

Personally I feel like this style takes inspiration from ‘oshare kei’, an old style worn by a more colourful genre of visual kei artists. It was bright, baggy, and often featured harem pants.


These low cut pants are a staple for boyish style, and can be found in all kinds of variations! 6%DOKIDOKI pants are particularly popular for their adorable unicorn design.

Another popular choice of bottoms for cool boyish coords are baggy shorts. These can be found with cute prints, and are great for layering over printed tights. Platform shoes can be worn to add height and lengthen the appearance of legs - perfect for creating taller figure! Don’t forget that it’s fairy kei though. Finding the balance of cute and cool can be hard, but it looks amazing! Remember LAYERS like printed socks, accessories, bags, and a cute hairdo, all give your coord the fairy feeling while retaining the cool silhouette.


This coord uses lots of layering which really brings out the fairy feeling!


These low-hanging pants are both cool and cute~

This coord layers more angular items (like a triangular collar & stars) which creates a cool feeling!

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Here are some cute fairy kei, yumekawa & decora boys to check out on Instagram♪


Look forwards to the next post!(*´▽`*)

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