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♡Boyish Fairy Kei Pt2: Boyish Fairy Kei Hair ♡

Following on from my last article, today I’ll introduce you to the most popular hairstyles worn by Harajuku boys. These are ideal for anyone who wants to incorporate their short hair into fairy kei.

This is the second out of three Boyish Fairy kei articles!

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NOTE: when I say masculine in this article, I’m going by the stereotypical definition! Boyish isn’t only worn by guys but anyone who leans towards the stereotypical “masculine” side of the gender spectrum.

The most popular hairstyles fit into 3 categories. These are “Straight”, “Fluffy”, and “Visual Kei-inspired”. I’ll be posting lots of cute hair ideas and references!

These images may not necessarily feature someone wearing fairy kei, but the hairstyles work perfectly with Harajuku fashion and can easily be tweaked for fairy~

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♡ Straight Hair ♡
If you prefer to straighten your hair or have naturally sleek hair, this section is for you! This cool hairdo is shown a lot in shoujo manga~

Sources 1 - 2
This style is popular with Japanese boys since most have naturally straight hair, plus it just requires hair straighteners! Often the bangs are tapered off to slim the face, giving a more narrow appearance.

You can use layering to create an anime-like look, which can later be curled to change things up. You could even tie the shorter layers up using cute bobbles! 

☆ Hair Inspo ☆

Sources 1 - 2 - 3
Ezaki Bisuko: The creator of the infamous Menhera-chan manga loves powerpuff girls and yami-kawaii. Recently he has been appearing more often in KERA magazine.

Sources 1 - 2 - 3
Newniji: Nyun is a cute French boy whose dreamy rainbow hair has been grabbing a lot of attention! He sweeps his hair in order to create a fluffy appearance.

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♡ Fluffy Hair ♡
Fluffy curls are the signature hairdo for vintage shoujo heroes, male or female!

This style has a youthful appearance and can be described as “fuwafuwa” (fluffy, airy). Recently this hairdo has been regaining tract thanks to the increasing popularity of yumekawa boys. 

If your hair is naturally straight can create this hairstyle using curling tongs! If your hair is naturally curly, just add volume!
☆ Hair Inspo ☆

Sources 1 - 2 - 3
Yuutarou: Yuutarou is currently one of the most popular Harajuku icons! He is famous for his androgynous image, and fell in love with bright & pastel clothing after he began working at the well-known vintage chain Santonibunnoichi.

Sources 1 - 2 - 3
Ryucheru: Making up half of the popular married couple “Ryupeco”, Ryucheru has appeared on variety TV and is popular for his eccentric personality. He wears 90s fashion and often his coords match with wife Peco. His trademark look features curls over a sporty headband.

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♡ Oshare kei inspired ♡
I feel like these styles are heavily inspired by oshare kei (which was inspired by visual kei)! They often attach extensions, use multiple colours, and use hairspray and layers to create volume.

Oshare hair...

Sources 1 - 2 - KERA
Harajuku hair!

These two collages may look different, but there are three significant similarities:

1) Attachments: In both oshare and harajuku hairstyles, it’s popular to attach cute items to your hair. Extensions, ribbons, woven wool, and many other items. You can even get glitter extensions at Harajuku hair salon Candy Syrup! (I will be going more into this topic in the future) 

2) Angles: You can see the oshare hair has tons of angles, and so do the “modern” Harajuku hairdos! Triangular bangs and undercuts are particularly popular. However, make sure that they aren’t too sharp or else it detracts from the soft, “fuwafuwa” appearance. 

3) Varied Lengths: It’s more exciting to have more than one length in your hair! It adds an edgy coolness to your cute look. This can be your side-bangs, an undercut, an asymmetrical fringe
As for inspiration, here are some cuties to check out:

KANATA: The first 6%DOKIDOKI shop boy who often wears cyber inspired hair. He has a striking asymetrical fringe and creates unique extensions using tubes, braids, and even tassles! While his hair is currently more on the bright side, he has modelled pastel hair before too.

Junnyan: Junnyan is famous for his cute-cool decora mix outfits, and for organising the Harajuku Fashion Walk. He changes styles and colours regularly, often matching his coords to his hairdo.

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Was that useful? If your hair isn’t the same type as those referenced, don’t panic - you can still create a cute and original style of your own! All styles were original at one point, so you can create your own adorable and unique.

I hope this helped you find inspiration for your own cute hairdo! I’ll see you in part 3♪

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