Saturday, 24 June 2017

☀Fairy Kei coordinating in Summer - How to Survive the Heat #1☀

Fairy kei = Layers = Hot = Impossible to wear in summer?
...or so is the equation most of us think about when we imagine wearing fairy kei in anything over 25 degrees celcius. But the truth is, fairy kei isn't really about layers.

 It's about the impression of layers.

With that, let's delve into the first part of my summer series - How to wear a cute, layered coord without melting!

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Keep your coord light:

A light and airy coord is key! Plus, this fits perfectly with the "fairy" aesthetic. To do this, the clothing material plays a huge role! Ever wondered why organza is so popular in Japan? Because it's light and makes a great layer, all while allowing a cool breeze to flow. Recently, Listen Flavor released a cute cutsew with organza sleeves, plus their fabrics are light and flowy enough that they're perfect for hot weather.
image source: Minaminakawaii

Tutus are surprisingly good for summer, because their light material means you aren't retaining unnecessary body heat. You may need to wear bloomers or shorts underneath, but since the tutu doesn't actually add any real extra heat, you won't be overheating! Plus their layered appearance creates an instant fairy feeling~

A cute coord featuring Listen Flavor's new organza sleeved cutsew and a light tutu!


Dresses are perfect for summer, because they look layered while still being nice and light. They are produced by many brands, most popular being Listen Flavor, Milklim, and Nile Perch.

image source
This dress is a great example of "Fake layers." It features a cute peter pan collar to give the impression that youre wearing something underneath it, along with a cute organza trim which looks like a tutu!

image source: Listen Flavor

This new dress by Listen Flavor also features "fake layers" in order to look like a cutsew layered under a JSK. It's adorable and convenient in the summer weather! Not to mention the lollipop design is super fresh~

Cute Shorts:

It may seem basic, but shorts are a great way to make a cute coord while keeping cool! It can be quite hard to find them, however if you refer back to my boyish fairy kei guide I link some great short sellers! Listen Flavor regularly stock cute shorts, with their new pumpkin pants taking the cake~

gingham pumpkin pants... the cutest combo!

Sanrio have also released some cute shorts in their summer beach collection - these would be perfect for fairy kei! 

Breathable legwear: Ankle socks, Nylon OTKs & Tights

Cute ankle socks can easily be found in local stores, and are perfect for casual summer coords! If you have smaller feet, you could raid the kids section for cute lace-topped socks. Whilst OTKs are often made of stuffy fabrics which give you the dreaded leg-sweat, ankle socks are cute and you can allow your legs to breath while still looking adorable~

embrace your legs with these "Fuzzy" socks!

WEGO often release these socks which feature a transparent panel (which is much thinner than the rest of the sock) perfect for summer!

AMO collab socks // Candy Stripper

Nylon OTKs were made especially popular by AMO and her fans a few years ago, but have been a staple in and fairy or yumekawa fans wardrobe ever since! They're the same fabric as tights, but don't cover your upper leg area. These are particularly ideal if it's hot but raining, because your legs stay dry without getting too stuffy.

image source: Tokyo Fashion
While they may add an extra layer, sheer tights are a summer essential if you're not fond of showing your bare skin. You can find them on eBay, Taobao, and from Japanese stores like Tutuanna!

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How are you coping this summer? Let me know in the comments, and look forwards to my new posts on the series!

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  1. Tutus and parasols are my summer FK holy grail ;D I need some more dresses though, and I'm kinda lacking in shorts too ><