Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fancy Surprise! International Shop ☆ How To Order ☆

Fancy Surprise now ships internationally!

"I hope that you will enjoy a happy daily life with Fancy Surprise! illustrations and goods♡" - Manamoko, Fancy Suprise

You can now order clothing and accessories, along with other adorable items, from the kawaii brand Fancy Surprise! This is an exciting change, but the website is in Japanese so you may have trouble understanding how to order your new goodies.

This guide will walk you through ordering from the Fancy Surprise Webshop!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Want to buy these cute items...?

T-Shirt♥Sugar Dream Unicorn☆ミ
FS!Original Tights♡BabyCubDream
☆■2017s/sFancySurprise Tshirts♡3 Colours
FS!Original Tights♥❁LovelyBabyKitten❁♥

~How to purchase~

The Fancy Surprise Homepage
The homepage is easy to navigate once you understand the categories on the left sidebar. Here is a translation for ease of use!

Once you've picked your items, click "Add to cart" on the item page. 

If you're buying clothing, you can pick the colour and size.

The colour/size options chart
A size guide - note that they use flat measurements!

At The Checkout...

When inputting your address, you can just insert the whole thing into Address Line One - Leave the postcode section blank, since it only accepts Japanese postcodes.

Input it like this: 12 Something Street, City, County/State/Prefecture, Postcode, Country

Click the option at the bottom of the drop-down box - this says "Overseas"
Once you've entered everything, click the orange button to continue. The next page will show the postage options. Since we're ordering from outside of Japan we can only use the last option which is Airmail.
This option is cheaper than EMS and faster than SAL!
You will be shown how much your postage costs around here. You can decide if you're okay with it and continue!

You can now pick your payment option - I'm picking PayPal! 

After you click continue, it'll confirm your order before redirecting you to PayPal. It'll be in Japanese until you log in, but it's easy enough to work out.

Once you have entered your details and confirmed, you will see a final confirmation screen:

And... you're done!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

What did you buy?♪

Make sure to follow Fancy Surprise's illustrator Manamoko on Twitter for the latest releases!


  1. Ooh that's great news! Thank you for the helpful guide, I might order from them in the future ^^~

  2. Ooh that's great news! Thank you for the helpful guide, I might order from them in the future ^^~

  3. Thank you so so much for this guide!!!! I missed the first date for sugar dream unicorn but I mad it this time. it was a bit of an effort but I hope I did okay. :3