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In July I asked everyone for their questions for Junnyan, the Harajuku Kidz King! You'll probably recognise him from street snaps and KERA magazine. He organises the monthly Harajuku Fashion Walk and is always doing his best to keep the Harajuku fashion communities active. He was very excited to hear everyone's questions!♡

*Note: Junnyan requested for the questions to be sent in English for him to answer in English. Recently he has been studying and wanted to test himself - he did an amazing job and I only had to edit a few for ease of reading♪

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Where did the name Junnyan come from?
Answer: I was named Junnyan from friend! I wonder why!? lol By the way, Meow is nyan in Japanese!

Have you ever been teased for being a guy wearing pastel/kawaii fashion?
Answer: When I was walking/on the train some strangers bad-mouth me! But it is only sometimes, I don't care about that!

How old were you when you first started wearing Harajuku fashion? What kind of style did you wear first?
Answer: My first time wearing Harajuku fashion was about after graduated from high school(?), casual punk rock/casual cyber style though!

What got you interested in Harajuku fashion?
Answer: My favorite Japanese musician was wearing Harajuku fashion!

What got you interested in decora/Harajuku Kids style?
Answer: Everyone around me are Harajuku fashion lovers, because they inspired me!

Who was your icon/inspiration when you first started?
Answer: Tetsuya! He is rock band members of L'Arc-en-Ciel, he was always wearing platforms!


How about now? Who do you currently look up to?
Answer: Miyavi! He is awesome! I also got courage when I saw him fighting towards the world!


What inspires your outfits?
Answer: Mmm... Akihabara! No fashion but it’s so chaotic, interesting! And I love nature!

How did your current style develop?
Answer: Try, try and try! (You should wear clothes you love!) What one likes, one will do well!

What is your #1 favourite piece of clothing? Your favourite accessory?
Answer: Crazy color shirts from Walter Van Beirendonck (W.&L.T.)!

What are your favourite brands?
Answer: I love Super Lovers clothing, Galaxxxy, 6%DokiDoki but all old collections! lol And 90's Harajuku brands!

image sources: 1 // 2 // 3

Do you have any advice for overseas Harajuku fans?
Answer: What one likes, one will do well! Would you make some new Harajuku fashion brands?

What about advice for overseas boys wearing kawaii fashion?
Answer: I'll upload kawaii pictures/video on my Instagram! I hope you find that pics/videos informative!
I don’t have much money… Do you have any advice on kawaii fashion on a budget?
Answer: You'll buy to cheap clothing & add on accessories! It's so easy for Decora/Pop Kei fashion you know!

Do you have any tips/advice on how to feel more confident in flashy clothing?
Answer: You should be confident that you have chosen it! You already know what you want!

If we were to meet you in Japan, would you be comfortable with us asking for photos with you?
Answer: SURE! I'd like to take photos with you!

Where did you get your adorable fuzzy monster hat?!
Answer: I bought the monster hat on the Internet! (from Japanese party goods shop!) (editors note: the blue furry one is by Galaxxxy)

image source

Do you have any music recommendations?
Answer: Miyavi! He has been make any music so cool and creative!

What is your favourite colour combination?
Answer: Yellow and pink or all pink, recently orange!

Which of your coords did you enjoy wearing the most?
Answer: Tokyo Fashion's recent street snap of myself!

Tokyo Fashion

What do you think of when putting together a coordinate?
Answer: Whatever I feel like when I wake up inspires me. I'm bad thinking for coordinate! lol

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What did you think? Would you like Junnyan to visit an event in your country? Let him know in the comments♪

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  1. ooh, this is a nice interview!! very interesting & cute answers~ thank you yumeh0lic and thank you junnyan!! ❤︎