Sunday, 29 October 2017

♡ Dreamy・Fairy・Decora Bedroom Inspo ♡

header image source: Endo Ayumi

As promised, today I'll be sharing some of my huge bedroom inspo stash! Check out these dreamy pastel fairy rooms, and Spank! 80's inspired rooms..!

To make things better, 99% of it is sourced so you can check out the source for more cute room pics♪

You know how fairy kei has layers..? The best way to make your room dreamy is by adding layers to it too!

I'll show you some examples of this here~

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

💘 Dreamy pastel bedrooms 💘

This adorable yumekawaii bedroom belongs to Yuito on Twitter! Yuito is a cosplayer who loves dreamy "fancy" style, which definitely shows in her decorating..!
The washi tape adds an extra pattern to a plain white wall (without damaging it), while the banners have a fun, party feeling. 
The badge display is a great idea, especially if you're like me and are too scared to wear badges in case they fall off...

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Kuua Oyasumi's adorable room features lots of draping layers and pastel decorations. It has a pink x white colour scheme, perfect for yumekawa fans♪ The Esther x WC backpacks are a great accent - try using plushies or bags as decorations! Displaying your clothes is another popular trend with Japanese bedrooms. You can show off and admire your cute clothes while decorating your room!

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Ezaki Bisuko is known for his manga Menhera-Chan, but he also has a super cute room! He is particularly proud of his Powerpuff Girls collection. He's used DIY and paper lanterns to really add "layers" to his room, giving it an ethereal, dreamy feeling! Check out the layers added by attaching plushies to the shelves♪

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The CAMPUSTOY stall as taken by Ezaki Bisuko

This adorable retro room belongs to Marshall, one of the CAMPUSTOY staff members, who also decorate their event booths in a yumekawaii style! This room also has clothes hanging on the walls to add more colour and layers. Marshall's room has lots of pastel coloured shelves, which would be a great DIY idea for someone wanting to pastel-fy their bedroom..! The fairy lights add a magical touch to this dreamy bedroom♪

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The ever popular Peco's room matches her style perfectly..! She has also decorated the Peco Club corner of Bubbles with a matching display area♪ She uses a vivid pink x purple theme for a 90s kids vibe. Again, lots of layers using canopies and organza curtains! 

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🌟Various Rooms🌟

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  1. i absolutely adore pastel dreamy bedrooms but sometimes i find them quite messy and cluttered it would be cool if there was a sort of minimalist pastel bedroom