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💘 2017-2018 Kawaii Fukubukuro Roundup 💘

I've been hunting the internet (aka lots of Twitter scrolling) for the cutest fukubukuro coming out this New Year!
A Fukubukuro is a Japanese yearly tradition where you can get brand items at a heavily reduced price. The only drawback is that usually the items are all a mystery. More recently, brands have been making items specifically for these lucky packs, but most brands still produce blind bags or contain mystery items,
They're all kinds of J-fashion, mainly girly & cute street fashion brands.
I'll be focusing on the online packs, since a lot of my readers live outside of Japan 💜

*Some may be sold out by the time you read this (some are already sold out lol) however this isn't the end! Chances are they'll get restocked for New Year and/or will be available in-store!
*Prices may or may not include tax

✨2018 Fukubukuro✨

Updated 09/12/2017

Nile Perch
Price: ¥10,000 - ¥20,000
Release Date: Sales started 9th of Dec. at 3pm
Contents: Varies per pack as shown. ¥50,000 version available but reservations instore only.
Note: Pictured items are examples, subject to change. Likely to go online soon.

Price: ¥5,000
Release Date: Reservations open now. Ships January 1st.
Contents: Sweater, T-shirt, 3 badges.
Note: You can pick black or white for the sweater.

Honey Cinnamon
Price: ¥10,800
Release Date: 01/12/2017 at 12am
Contents: Coat, Knit, Skirt, Bag, and more
Note: There is also a unisex version! Ships Jan.

Ank Rouge
Price: ¥10,800
Release Date: Ships Early/Mid January
Contents: Fake fur coat, Dress, Top, Skirt, Random item
Note: Available to reserve now. You can't pick the colours.

Rose Marie Seoir
Price: From ¥3,240 to ¥21,600
Release Date: 30/12/2017
Contents: Multiple Options
Note: Available to reserve now.

Candy Stripper:
Price: ¥12,960
Release Date: 01/01/2018
Contents: Up to 7 items (such as tops and socks)
Note: Available to reserve now. Members only.

Listen Flavor:
Price: ¥10,800
Contents: Pictured 3 original designs + 2 random items
Note: Available to reserve now.
★Buy here★ (or here for int. shipping)

Price: ¥21,600
Contents: Bag, Knit, Skirt, Dress, Blouse
Note: Available to reserve now. Ships Jan.

Liz Lisa:
Price: ¥30,000 (My Melody) OR ¥12,000 (Regular)
  • My Melody: Carry bag, Coat, Dress, Knit Cardigan, Knit Top, Skirt, Camisole, Mymelo Charm.
  • Regular: Tote, Coat, Dress, Inner.
Note: Reservations available now. The Mymelo coat buttons will be white, not pink.
★Buy here★ (or later, their eBay)

Merry Jenny:
Price: ¥10,800
Contents: Bag, Coat, Knit, Skirt, Hairband
Note: Available to reserve now

Aymmy In The Batty Girls:
Price: ¥12,000
Contents: Original colourful knit, Coat, Dress, Accessory, Top, Bottoms, Tote
Note: Each shop starts preorders at a different time. Tweet info here.

One Spo:
Price: ¥10,800
Contents: Dress, Blouson, Hooded top & skirt set, Socks, Bag, Belt, Hat
Note: Two types - Sweet & Bitter. Reservations open now. Shops Jan 1st.

Axes Femme:
Price: ¥10,800
Contents: (Appears to be) Top, Knit, Blouse, Dress, Skirt, JSK
Note: Preorders now open. Poetique, Disney, Kids and more also available.

Price: ¥8,640
Contents: 18 items.
Note: Two types: "Ladies'" and "Men's"

Price: ¥12,960
Contents: Long Coat, Dress, JSK, Blouse, Knit, Bag
Note: Requires a purchase of over ¥3,000 yen to gain access.

To Alice:
Price: ¥16,800
Contents: Blouse, Bag, JSK, Coat, Accessories
Note: 6 Items. Posts on 07/01. Reservations open now.

Eat Me:
Price: ¥16,200
Contents: Bag, Coat, OP, and more.
Note: Reservations open now. Ships early January. Comes in Pink & Black.
★Buy here★ (or here)

Angelic Pretty:
Price: ¥16,00 excl. Tax
Contents: JSK, Socks, Petticoat, Bow
Note: Toy Harmony. Comes in pink, sax, black. 
★Buy here★ (probably)

Price: ¥10,800
Contents: Includes new frill skirt. Worth 40,000-50,000 yen!
Note: Webshop closes on the 10th of December. Order ASAP! Shinjuku store will carry some in January.
★Buy here★ (probably)

Ehyphen Bonbon:
Price: ¥20,000 
Contents: One Piece, Top, Outer, Bottoms, Fur Tote
Note: Reservations from 1st of December. 
★Buy here★ 

Price: ¥10,000
Contents: Tote, Blanket, Hoodie + 12 mystery items.
Note: Reservations from 6th of December. Limited Esther Kim design.
★Buy here★ 

Village Vanguard
Price: ¥3500-¥21,000
Contents: Many many different kinds
Note: Reservations open, ships late December.

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...and I'm sure there's more to come! I'll add them as I find them ✨

My Expected Upcoming Packs:
Nile Perch ✔
Candye Syrup
ToysRUs Japan

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  1. Does Ghibli, Disney, Pokemon store and sanrio have online pre-orders for fukubukuro?