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Hello everyone!
Recently I was watching Princess Peachie's video on Swimmer closing down, and I really enjoyed seeing what items she had gotten! This made me think... maybe I should post some cute Swimmer things too..?
Recently I actually made a (rather large) "final" order from Swimmer* and in this order was a lucky pack 🌟

Today I'll be showing you the contents of my lucky pack! If you're interested in the rest of the haul let me know♪

*I say final but I want another lucky pack now hAha so we'll see

My items were from the Laforet store in Harajuku. My shopping service was closest to this particular store, which worked for me since I knew that particular store offered lucky packs!

The cost: ¥1500 (£10, $14)
The value: ¥3000 (£20, $27)
The extra fees: 15% + Shipping

As with most lucky packs, the contents are a complete mystery! You could pick the outer tote design, which I left up to my service. He picked a cute, purple, unicorn bag!

The bag seals with a velcro strip and inside it was a sealed plastic shopping bag so that you couldn't peek!
My shopping service did offer to open it for me but I wanted the surprise♪

And now... the contents!



Everything is super cute! Let's take a closer look... 

A selection of clips! These can be used to either wrap up gift-bags or weigh down balloons. The multi-clips can also be used to wires!

A balloon bunny clear file! This design is super cute, and reminds me a little bit of the Goodbye Swimmer illustration... ( ;∀;)

I don't really want to use it, since it's so cute 💝

A strawberry can badge and a bear giraffe pop-up hairbrush! I know it's a bear but I love giraffes so I'm pretending it's my fav aha.

The badge as you can see is quite large, since it's the same size as the brush! The brush also has a mirror inside the lid.

This could definitely be considered the "main" part of the lucky pack - the value of this was originally ¥1500 alone! It's a purse/bag? Or at least, it has a strap haha.

It also has a phone holder! This was coming a little bit loose when I first got it, so I plan on super-gluing it on thoroughly before I ever actually use it...

It has tons of space inside the purse part! It even has a mini pocket where the logo embroidery is. Once it's all reinforced it'd be perfect for cons.

Now for the bit I got very excited about haha

This clip is actually from their 2016 (and 2017) Halloween series!
I wanted it soo bad when it first came out, but the first time around it wasn't available on the webstore. This year I just missed out on it, and I had actually sent my shopping service in hunt of accessories in Swimmer to no avail. I figured it must be fate that I'd never get the Halloween goodies until... What a lovely surprise!
I actually have the matching bag already ( ´∀` )

I also got this cute bunny hat! It reminds me of the hat I modelled for Angelic Pretty at an event, so I'm really excited to try coord this... I'm not sure quite how I'll do it, but I'll do my best! 
The whole thing is glitter btw 💜

And finally, I got this adorable cloth! Funnily enough, I actually got the same cloth for my mum this as a gift last year... What a coincidence! 
Swimmer cloths are really soft, so maybe since my mum is using hers for display I could actually use this one for skincare without feeling guilty... 😥

💜   💜   💜   💜   💜   💜

What did you think? I think I definitely got my moneys worth, and I was very satisfied! I got a wide range of Swimmer goods, and even a dream item..!

If you want to support Swimmer but don't want to order direct from the store, perhaps consider buying their official Book from! They ship worldwide and it's a nice memento of the brand - I'd love to get my own copy soon! 💝

Let me know if you'd like to see the rest of my final haul (or perhaps a Swimmer collection... I have so much random Swimmer bits decorating my room aha, it might be interesting to collect them all for a blog post?)

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